Advanced Xray 1.20.4 → 1.12 (Fabric, Forge)

1.20.x to 1.12.x
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1.20.x to 1.12.x
Fabric + Fabric API or Forge
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Advanced Xray is an overhaul of the block visibility experience, offering a customizable and feature-rich suite of options that empowers you to explore and plunder like never before.

Seeing Through Stone: A Deep Dive into the Advanced XRay Mod for Minecraft

Tired of spending hours strip-mining and spelunking only to come up empty-handed? Craving a more efficient way to locate those precious ores and hidden treasures in Minecraft? Look no further than the Advanced XRay Mod, a powerful tool that grants you the ability to see through the very world itself.

Beyond Basic X-Ray:

  • Intuitive UI: No more clunky commands or cryptic configurations. Advanced XRay boasts a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy to add, remove, and edit the blocks you want to see through.
  • Color Customization: Tired of staring at monotonous monochrome? Dive into a full RGB color palette, personalize your X-ray vision, and make those diamond veins truly pop!
  • Lightning-Fast Search: Can’t remember the block name you’re hunting for? No sweat! The integrated search bar lets you find and select blocks in a flash.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Add blocks directly from your inventory or simply point and click on the world to include them in your X-ray overlay.
  • Configurable Depth: Don’t want to see every diamond vein across the map? Adjust the X-ray depth to focus your exploration and maintain some of the thrill of discovery.
  • Beyond Ores: Advanced XRay isn’t just for mineral hunters. Highlight hidden chests, dungeons, and even mob spawners to maximize your loot and conquer every corner of the world.

More Than Just Efficiency:

While the ability to see through walls is undeniably powerful, Advanced XRay offers more than just a shortcut to riches. It can:

  • Enhance Accessibility: Players with visual impairments can use X-Ray to navigate and explore more easily.
  • Spark Creativity: Build awe-inspiring structures with precise knowledge of underground resources.
  • Add a Strategic Layer: Plan mining operations, create intricate tunnel networks, and strategize your resource gathering with newfound knowledge.

Important Caveats:

With great power comes great responsibility. Before rushing to download Advanced XRay, consider these points:

  • Server Compatibility: Check if the mod is compatible with the server you play on. Using X-Ray on multiplayer servers can be considered unfair or cheating.
  • Balance and Challenge: X-Ray can dramatically alter the gameplay experience. Use it judiciously to maintain a sense of adventure and discovery.
  • Community Etiquette: Respect other players’ preferences. Don’t use X-Ray to spoil their exploration or reveal hidden secrets.

Ultimately, the decision to use Advanced XRay rests with you. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran seeking efficiency or a curious newcomer eager to delve deeper into the world’s secrets, this powerful mod offers a unique way to experience Minecraft. Just remember, with great visibility comes great responsibility. Explore wisely, mine ethically, and enjoy the newfound clarity that Advanced XRay brings to your Minecraft adventures!


To install Xray you need one of the following Mod Loaders:

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